Residential Security Services

Residential security services from Justice Security And Patrol LLC offer a valuable solution to San Antonio homeowners who are concerned about the safety and security of their property and loved ones. Our trained security services have years of experience monitoring neighborhoods, identifying potential security risks, and providing a visible deterrent to criminal activity. They are trained to respond quickly and efficiently in case of emergencies, such as home invasions or medical emergencies, providing assistance and coordinating with emergency services if the need arises. Our residential security services for San Antonio can also manage access control for gated or exclusive communities and neighborhoods, ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed entry into the property.

By hiring residential security services from Justice Security And Patrol LLC, homeowners in San Antonio can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their property and loved ones are protected, even when they are away from home. The presence of residential security services can also increase the value of the property and provide a sense of exclusivity for the community.

Mobile patrol

Neighborhood Security Patrols

Neighborhood security patrol is a type of security service that involves the use of trained security service who patrol an area in a vehicle or on foot. This involves security monitoring the premises and responding quickly to any incidents that occur. They can also perform tasks such as checking doors and windows to ensure that they are secure, monitoring access control points, and conducting regular patrols of the area.

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Neighborhood Security

Our neighborhood security services are trained professionals who provide security services to residential communities in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. They patrol the neighborhood on foot or by vehicle, monitoring the premises and looking out for any signs of criminal activity.

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Temp security

Temporary Security

Temporary security services are trained professionals who provide short-term security services to homeowners or certain residential properties that require additional security support for a specific period of time. They can be hired on a temporary basis to provide security for special events, vacations, or for a period when the homeowner feels that their property is at a higher risk of theft or vandalism.

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Off duty police

Off-Duty Police Security

Off-duty police security is often hired to provide security for high-risk locations, such as banks, jewelry stores, or government buildings, where a high level of security is required. These officers are authorized to carry firearms and have the authority to make arrests, making them valuable assets in situations where a strong security presence is required.

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Funeral escort

Funeral Escorts

Funeral escorts ensure the safe and orderly passage of the funeral procession through traffic, helping to prevent accidents and traffic congestion. They provide a valuable service to grieving families, helping to ensure that their loved one is honored with dignity and respect during the funeral procession.

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Hoa pool security

HOA Pool Security

HOA pool security services are trained in CPR, first aid, and water rescue techniques, and are able to respond quickly to emergencies within a pool area. They also enforce pool rules and regulations, such as ensuring that children are supervised, no glass containers are allowed, and proper swimming attire is worn.

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