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Have you thought about hiring security guard services for your Boerne property but aren't sure where to start? Luckily, you've got a partner in Justice Security And Patrol LLC. We're a private security company with over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, making us the area's top choice for both residential and commercial security guard services. Just a few of our services include:

  • HOA pool security
  • Parking lot security
  • Event security
  • Private security
  • Retail & restaurant security guards
  • And much more!

Safety and security are our number one priority, and when you hire Justice Security And Patrol LLC for your security needs in Boerne, you can get that and so much more. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you and your local community.

Funeral Escorts For A Dignified Procession In Boerne

Hiring a funeral escort from Justice Security And Patrol LLC can provide numerous benefits to both the family and the procession itself. Funeral escorts provide a level of safety and organization to the procession by directing traffic, ensuring that all vehicles stay together and follow the appropriate route, and helping to avoid any potential accidents.

They can also help to alleviate stress for family members who may be grieving, as they will not have to worry about driving or navigating through unfamiliar streets. Funeral escorts can help to show respect for the deceased by providing a dignified and orderly procession to the burial or cremation site. Ultimately, hiring funeral escorts can help to ensure that the funeral proceeds smoothly and respectfully, allowing family members and friends to focus on honoring and remembering their loved ones.

Boerne's Choice For Neighborhood Security

Having neighborhood security guards in Boerne can provide a valuable sense of security and peace of mind for residents of a community. The security guards at Justice Security And Patrol LLC are trained to monitor and patrol the area, keep an eye out for and prevent criminal activity, and respond quickly and calmly to emergencies. This can help to prevent crime and create a safer environment for residents to live in. Additionally, having a visible security presence can deter potential criminals from targeting the community, making it a less attractive target.

Neighborhood security guards can also help to build a stronger sense of community by interacting with residents, building relationships, and providing a visible presence that can help to foster a sense of trust and safety. Ultimately, investing in security guard services for neighborhoods in Boerne can help to create a safer and more secure environment for residents, promote community cohesion, and improve the overall quality of life for those living in the neighborhood.

Recent Projects in Boerne, TX

Neighborhood Community Park Security Patrols in Boerne, TX

Neighborhood Community Park Security Patrols in Boerne, TX

Our client reached out to the security experts at Justice Security and Patrol LLC for our neighborhood security patrols services. Justice security HOA neighborhood patrols in Boerne, TX. For this project we deterred crime in neighborhoods and secured Community Parks and Pool areas. Location: Boerne, TX […]


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